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Summer say literally statistically nineteen points opposing team. Didn't even get ten right now works. That's not subjective. No that is simply by the numbers and we said we didn't know how the how the future goes. we now know dominant house wrong. We will actually want to give you You know this is your stage to be able to speak to the people. About how painfully wrong. You've been for the last three weeks putting our listeners through a torture chamber of us debating. I'm part of that as well. I agree with that But just if it's just as wrong as he gets you know you're smart man intelligent man and this time you alleged. We're at dumdum boy. A dumb little boy. Yeah i mean. I think i was wrong about every facet. You could possibly be wrong. That's right that's very clear. I don't i'm a i'm i consider myself an objective person. I consider myself one. That can be rational. I think everywhere you look at it. I was wrong. This team was literally probably the best team by far that i've ever seen in my entire life. Not even just the gulf of they played but they seemed to be best friends. Bryson and like bryce brooks went out of his way to like hug bryson afterwards so i was wrong about that. Yeah stricker said afterwards that this team gelled so well that bryson brook said. They wanted to play together at one point the locker room. It couldn't have been a better space for this team which i was wrong about. Yeah you're looking back jay. I mean just the damage just to look to me with the fire of a thousand suns of in his eyes and we're talking real hate like real steam up the stairs realize it was us gave a little embrace to you guys but his main mission was to basically tell me to go fuck myself. Hey guys put up a helmet by ship. You got doubled up a little bit. But that's the second place that's call because at night jim who you publicly for three weeks said that him and his team had no chance of winning because they don't like each other they don't care about the game of golf team aspect and they have no chance of winning. I didn't say that. I was. I was dissecting in my opinion why they were two seven and why i believe that trend had a very good chance of continuing. Yes and i was wrong looking back. Hindsight is twenty twenty. Are you embarrassed that you did what you did over. Kevin kisner not making this team after watching. How much fun this was. You couldn't enjoy any of it. The entire gulf world is literally laughing at you. Are you embarrassed that you made that decision. Not embarrassed on. What would it did. It seem more. You guys were having more fun than i was. It was the most fun i've ever had watching. You could see say and you were like watching these putts. Go in and watching. These drives tee off and watching the national anthem sang. And you rigs. We're like upset about it. Bryson at the green today any wheel that his fucking driver like older on eagle he also like flexing muscles when they introduced on the t. and then hit the green and then grabbed puttering walked out of a week as rig barstools had bryson to shambo. Had that good of a week letterman's are you know great what you did. I have no regrets. Look i put out a tweet. I stuck to what i said. Yes from what i from my perspective. You put out a tweet about a team that you knew nothing about what was going on behind the scenes is what i mean like. You didn't know proceeded. Tried to explain to us why we were the sheep and just going along with it like you're saying that nothing like that. They weren't getting along is just as on the same level as us. Speculating that good things are going on. And you decided to take a stance and go roofer team europe on pure not even speculation. Just what you thought was may be happening in the team. Usa locker based on years of what had been happening. Buzz aren't around but like we didn't know and obviously the captain's picture made not like reid wasn't gonna be on the team. I think reid is like a cancer to those types of things even if he plays. Well so yeah.

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