Professor Ruth Wisse Explains Why Liberals Are Less 'Pro-Israel' Than Conservatives


I'm talking to ruth weiss ruth. I'm gonna play the role of eric. You play the role of ruth. You've written this book. Free as jew. You have a background teaching at harvard. you eventually became a conservative. You are pro israel. I think that needs to be said. Why is it. I get the impression that religious jews conservative. Jews are pro israel. Liberal jews tend almost to be pro palestinian or very worried about israel In the way that the harvard faculty was worried about the rotc. Well i mean well the connection you're making is exactly right. I think Why is that. well. I don't put it so much as pro israel that i cannot for the life of me understand how any decent human being could be anything but pro israel. The great question is why did the arab world Why did the arab league organiz in nineteen forty five against the state of israel. You tell me and why. I have my theories. Well i have many theories. I wrote a book about that too. Actually called jusin power Trying to explain anti semitism. And which i define as the organization of politics against the jews and my sense is that you always have to look at the function of anti semitism. Who does it serve. And what purposes does it serve and it seems very clear that the only glue of the arab league in nineteen forty five was common opposition to the state of israel and that's still in some profound terrifying way. The only actual unifying element on a political level within that terribly disparite and and and really frac fragmented and fractured world. So it plays a very important part among arab and muslim societies and unfortunately lately it has been imported into the united states of america quite successfully and driven home

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