A highlight from The Monstrefact: Fell Beasts of the Nazgl


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And this is the monster effect a short form series from stuff to blow your mind focusing on mythical creatures ideas and monsters in time in the lord of the rings the nasr goal or the most valued servants of the dark lord sorrow they ride for from minus more goal on the backs of specially bred horses in search of the one ring but eventually they take to the sky on fell beasts winged creatures that otherwise have no name. The monster is described as something like a great federalist bird and perhaps a creature of an older world. Now it's impossible to consider these descriptions without thinking of prehistoric terrace sores wing reptiles that are actually the earliest known vertebrates capable of powered flight even creator. Jr token admitted that the creatures were certainly pterodactyl. Illich even if the nine or not actually meant to be thought of as writing pterodactyls but if we were to match the steeds of the ringwraiths to actual tara sars then we might be in luck because tara sars included some of the largest flying animals to ever live in fact several species boasted wings fans of more than thirty feet or nine point one meters rivaling and in some cases exceeding the wing spans of many small airplanes. However scientists have differed on exactly how gifted a flyer these great tara sars were and even if the largest species were capable of powered flight or flight at all. Did they possess powerful quadrupedal launching abilities. Or were they limited by the launching abilities of their hind legs. Only the answer to this question alone might limit how the fell. Beast's of the nasr goal might be deployed in battle is powerful vertical lift vehicles as mounts the depended on cliffside launching or something more akin to appear glider. There's also the question of bearing ringwraiths. Wait. we know that the nasr gold leaf heavy boot prints in the mud. Despite their ghost like nature they would still pose a burden to a living mount as would their armor and their weapons while wing it mounts or a standard a fantastic fiction. Various problems emerge implementing it in real life. Flight is taxing. It requires specialized bodies in a lot of energy to pull off among birds. The harp eagle is an absolute powerhouse capable of lifting pray equal to its own weight of up to twenty pounds or nine kilograms. They've been known to take off with slots but raptors like this are not in it for the long haul. It's one thing to carry a heavy load from one tree branch to a nearby feeding spot quite another to carry it back to more door. It's also quite another feet to carry something on your back. That's where a lot of vital muscle work takes place in various flyers. Perhaps the neck of the nasr goal would make for a better saddle point and this is how they are sometimes depicted in art but even the neck remains questionable on a flyer as reported by science writer ryan morrison in the mail on line two recent studies shed more light on the strength of the tara sar first of all twenty twenty. One university of portsmouth study found that specially arranged crosstrek sort of like bicycle spokes enhanced the strength of their long. Next next drink that would have been vital to support the creature during flight and allow it to carry off prey unlike avian raptors. The terrorists would have used their jaws as such perhaps the neck would be the ideal place to sit upon a great flying beast like this. We're left to consider various possibilities concerning the use of these fell. Beasts in combat. Perhaps they were only flown for short bursts of assault or reconnaissance or launched exclusively from high cliffs. They may also excelled as a troop transport of one for a ring. Rate would be worth many on the field of battle especially if deployed at will from the sky though we are told that at least once the fell beast's provide an aerial platform from which sinn projectiles at the enemy on the ground. A creature the size of a great terrorists are would pose a considerable threat as well then nasr goal. It is written fought fiercely with nail and beak considering both mount and writer. It's quite a force to suddenly drop strategically from above. Fortunately the armies of sahran did not enjoy complete aerial superiority. For intelligent eagles also occupied the sky at the battle of the black gate the final battle of the war of the rings these two forces engaged in what we might consider dogfights in the skies of middle earth

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