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He basically said. I would like to buy you and you know at the time. I said we're really not for sale. He said what. If i tell you you do what you love and we could do all the things you love. And what if i tell you that you could spend quality time as a mother and with your children and do all the things that bring you joy for the ted audio collective. This is designed matters with debbie. Vilma for seventeen years debbie millman talking with designers and other creative people about what they do how they got to be who they are and what they're thinking about working on on this episode. Bobby brown talks about selling her cosmetics company to estee lauder. I honestly thought i owned company. I acted as if it was my competent. Even after i sold it. Bobby brown created her opponent line in the early nineties and then sold it to the estee lauder company in nineteen ninety five after twenty five years heading. The brand bobby has moved on in the time. She's written nine bestselling books. She's consulted with tv shows. She's recently become a health coach. She's bought and refurbished hotel and yes. She recently started another company and a new brand. She joins me today to talk about the evolution of her remarkable groundbreaking career and her new line of cosmetics. Bobby brown welcome to design matters. Oh thank you so much. And it's a pleasure talking to you and you have such a calming voice. Oh thank you thank you. I'm happy to talk to you bobby. Is it true that you're ringtone is. I can't get no satisfaction. It's one of the five and yes headed. That is one of them. Wait a minute so who is. I can't get no satisfaction appointed to and what are the other four. Oh no i usually. Well i have right now. I actually have happy by ferrall. And i think i've got. I definitely have some biggie. Because i love rap so it's just when i get bored i change it. I'm also this weird girl. That changes my covers on my iphone. Because i get bored. So maybe because. I didn't have daughters so i couldn't buy these different outfits. I changed my iphone. now. I know you've worked with the rolling stones before. Did they ever hear your phone. Go off. I don't think they did. I've done their makeup for album covers. And i had this out of body experience a bunch of years later where i was doing the fashion show of the then mick jagger girlfriend lauren scott and was invited over to their home for dinner and that was an out of body experience having spending the evening mix house with like six people. That was pretty cool. And what a loss for the world to lose lauren. She was unbelievable. A dear friend and the tallest woman i've ever been with. And i am five foot tall so picture because we always said we were together. We were the perfect ten. She was the one i was zero. I was we were the perfect. Bobby you grew up in the suburbs of chicago. You said that your mother your aunt. Alice and the actress ali mcgraw your role models. Why only mcgraw. Well different role models for different things. I mean my mother is responsible for falling in love with makeup and following it as a career. She always encouraged me. My aunt. alice is the woman that has taught me the most about life about how to be grounded about what's important and how not to sweat the small stuff and allie mcgraw. You know. When i saw love story i was in middle school and at a time in my life where i didn't feel enough pretty enough. You know cute enough. And i saw ali mcgraw with her natural hair and no hardly any makeup. And it's the first time. I said you know what i can be pretty too so that they're different reasons you've written about how. Your mother was an extraordinarily glamorous woman and you loved watching her apply wight is shadow and black liner in her blue gilded bathroom. What enthralled the world you so much about makeup at that time in your life you know. I'm not sure. I mean i was not like a student so i'm reading and and studying.

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