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Jimbo. Hey doing this week. i'm pumped. Well maybe against al. I'm pumped to. Why are you pumped. I'm just a. I'm trying to will myself to be excited about things. Well don't say eighth. don't tell on the show Trying to will myself. Until you make it if i act like. I'm excited to be here. I think maybe. I might have some fun. How about you how you doing this week. I'm doing good tim. I've got olympic fever though. No not olympic fever. Not not the bad one. Well that's why they're not letting anybody You know come watch the things that are meant to be watched. Yeah that's not. That's not limited to the olympics. Tom way mean that fever. Oh yeah yeah. That's is worldwide. Yeah yeah well. The olympics are worldwide and allow. Is i would like to Pit bull is worldwide. Israel keyes mr worldwide. Tim i like to point out. I feel like this isn't getting enough attention along. The olympics dont in aspect of the olympic. Well i if it's on tv but good luck trying to find it. I almost signed up for peacock. As i was like. Oh sat for peacock for a month. If that's how. I watched the olympics. He watched the olympics. So you watch some of the olympics but not all the olympics. What are you looking to watch apple apple athletics. athletes up. i wanna athletics are athletes. So i'd like to see athletes doing athletics. But what i'd like to see is somebody addressing that. I remember a long long time ago. How long in advance to the announce the the olympics are going to be in. Oh eight years. Maybe i think it's more than that of years. You'd better spend all your cities money on infrastructure that you'll use for one yay we. It's like well you better start raising taxes and building roads two stadiums for for one qualifying match ever. No but i remember when these olympics were first announced. I feel like these ones were announced more than twelve years ago. I wanna see these announced like twenty years ago. Okay something cre- would believe you. Tom all right. I have no reason to doubt Other than the fact that you're usually wrong about things. I remember that. They made tokyo the tokyo olympic committee or tokyo. Not all of japan. The tokyo olympic committee was like all right. Here's some of the things we're going to do for olympics first off we're gonna broadcasts everything is holograms by then. I mean we have the we have the technology but they're not using it. I think it's because there's a pandemic no don't tim don't let them off on this. They said they would broadcast holler. Actually maybe what does that mean though. Maybe everything it's how you know what. Actually i don't know if that's what they said they might have just said that they would broadcasts everything in eight k which they are japan You have a an eight k. television You're some kind of a business. Mogul right with an ak tv but the bigger thing that they promise was the resolution is his too much. These days tom. Or yeah i mean. I don't know if a k. Alike if you can actually. I mean four ks already like a bit of a stretch. I had to downgrade from what i had a fourcade scared the hell outta me. I thought there are people in my home. Did you watch the video. The train pulling the station. And i ran from my home wall. Yes some sick bastard went out and and you know official intelligence upscale. It make it sixty frames per sagan just to scare a whole new generation throughout my television while. I can't blame you for that tim But the other thing that they promised that they said would happen was they said in twenty twenty. Guess what's going to happen. At our olympics. We're going to have aerob- a team of robots that's going to be able to compete in soccer. I think boston dynamics Is i wanted to ask robot company. Yeah do you think they. They could send some soccer plan guys over there. No because boston dynamics

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