Could Bitcoin Be Palestine's Currency of Freedom? [A

Bitcoin Audible


Bitcoin gives palestinians a powerful avenue for peaceful protest and the opportunity to find sovereignty among oppressive economic policies. One day last week. I spoke to a bitcoin user inside the gaza strip he asked to remain anonymous and go by the name of calm the arabic word for eagle as he took a large personal risk to talk to me. We spoke on telegram and had to time our call as uqaab only has a few hours of 'electricity per day for him. Our chat was in the middle of the night a palestinian friend. Help translate the call live as we spoke. It was hard to fathom what life was like on the other end of the line. Uqaab was talking to us from rafa a city in the southern part of gaza. A war zone only a few weeks removed from being heavily bombed by the israeli military. I felt like i was speaking to someone from a different planet. He spoke of roads. Destroyed buildings vaporized power cut in supplies restricted. A map of israeli missile strikes link provided makes gaza looked like swiss cheese and gives a sense of the structural damage. Cobb asked me to consider how bad things have been economically around the world even in the us because the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns and said now imagine what. It's been like for us one checkpoint. It's always open. The gaza strip is a piece of territory. Roughly five miles wide and twenty eight miles long sandwiched between israel southwestern corner the egyptian sinai and the mediterranean sea

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