The History of Cannabis



Turns out we have geology to thank for cannabis. At least for cannabis's psychoactive properties. The ancient ancestors of the cannabis plant started growing tens of millions of years ago around. What is now central asia like pakistan northern india nepal. And then something dramatic happened the entire subcontinent. That is now. India drifted north crashed into asia. The crumple zone is what we now call. The himalayas and the cannabis plants that were growing in that zone. Got really really high and the ones that were stuck down low the plains near the himalayas. Well they didn't get quite so high is difference is both topographical and literal the cannabis. The grew in the mountainous region started producing thc. Which or the uninitiated is the chemical in cannabis. That gets you high. We don't know for certain. Why the plant produces it. It appears serve kind of sunscreen. Chris duval is a professor at the university of new mexico and author of two books on the topic. The african roots of marijuana and cannabis kris told us that the cannabis that stayed down low and temperate plains. Those plans did not produce. thc they became. What we know is hemp source of cloth rope and disgusting. Health foods cannabis grew really easily and a lot of different environments especially ones. We disturbed to build settlements. It was literally a weed. That's why we call it weed. And so there was probably a lot of cannabis just growing in central and east asia both the high mountainous regions and the low parts and so a really longtime ago as long as maybe twelve thousand years ago people figured out ways to use it. It appears for both populations. Initially people used it for the seeds which are edible You know you can buy them in. Eat them nowadays. Emcees are often founded natural food stores. Today they're full of wonderful nutrients but they taste terrible. And before you all right in and tell me i'm wrong. not only to. Cynthia agree with me. The historical record does to kris told us that in china hemp seeds were at one point considered a staple food but it was kind of slowly replaced as people in that region in china. You know kind of domesticated and started using other plants more calmly so types of militans organ kind of displaced at

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