Tesla Teases AI Day and Partnership With Famed Roboticist


Let's talk about this news on. Ai day overnight. We got this tweet from dr dennis. Hong who is a professor at ucla and the founding director of their robotics and mechanisms laboratory. Anyway he tweeted out. This photo of some beautifully rendered computer hardware. Sang tusla a day. August nineteen twenty twenty one at palo alto california five. Pm pd so we had a date now. Looks like we also have a time and a location for ai. And we're left to speculate on what this hardware is and why dr hung is tweeting this out. Dr hong certainly enjoyed stirring up that speculation. He's got a number of tweets. Replies here as well as likes on other tweets that have encouraged speculation. I would say one of his first replies since that original tweet was to question asking if the ucla lab was now associated with tesla and fasd. Aung san can't say anything just yet with a couple of playful emojis at it. Of course we've seen tesla partner with academic labs in the past for research. Great example of that on the battery fronts being with jeff. Don somebody brought that arrangement up and reply and harm replied to that saying dot dot dot or something else dot dot dot blowing a kiss emoji if we dig back a little bit further we can actually see that this tweet that does have this photo rendered in. It isn't the first time he's talked about his involvement with tesla. It does go back a few days prior. So i found this tweet from july twenty ninth and it's in korean but it doesn't include another post from hong. I believe on a different social media platform. That's also in korean. So i translated the immature. But you can see hong talking about the secret project that he's involved in with tesla. Apparently there was supposed to be an announcement scheduled for the twelfth of august and that he's finding out via twitter that it's delayed till the nineteenth referencing eons tweet where he announced the date for at

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