How Does Afghanistan Compare to Benghazi or Vietnam?


Beirut, 83 when 241 of my fellow Marines and sailors were killed by a suicide bomber And the big thing back then, is once the dust settled. Ronald Reagan the honourable person he was Took full responsibility as he did like whatever we got in the White House today, uh, is blaming everybody but himself. So, But here's the question I got for you, sir. Is this debacle in Afghanistan? Uh, bring to mind the Benghazi fiasco a decade ago when Biden was a key player, then failed to respond in a timely manner, resulting in the death of our ambassador. Three other Americans, except now, in a much larger scale. We once again have Biden and get another and and another inept administration. You know, people, there's a lot of parallels that can be made. There is no question of people try to make them like with South Vietnam. And I talked earlier today with a friend of mine. He's been on the air. He was the commander of British forces in Afghanistan for a period of time. Retired British colonel Richard Kemp. Any as an example. People been saying this is Saigon, He said. Let me tell you the difference. He said. When we Americans left Vietnam the way we left Vietnam, which was also horrible. Took us many years to build our Reputation back. But the Communists in Vietnam weren't interested in conquering anybody. They weren't even interested in attacking the continental United States. He's a brilliant man, he said. In Afghanistan, it's different. It's totally different. The reason we were in Afghanistan is because they attacked us in the United States because they were communists or anything else. So the parallels can only go so far.

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