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Strawberry Letter


Fm and click submit strawberry letter. Okay buckle up. Hold on tight. We got it for you here. You strawberry letter all right. Thank you nephew subject. Listen i i don't want to be this kind of movie star. Okay and listen if you to have kids please. They don't wanna hear this letter and you don't want them to hear this particular letter Dear stephen shirley yeah disclaimer or you can leave them in there and let him learn so. This is not a teaching moment for kids. All right dear. Stephen shirley my girl and i have been together for three years and i instantly knew. She was the one when i met her. She cooks watches sports with me. And she supports my dream to be an entertainer. Our relationship with just perfect until about eight months ago when i was on an adult website browsing through amateur home videos and i noticed one video with the background. That looked just like my bedroom. After i zoomed in i saw that it was my bedroom and it was a video of my girlfriend and i getting it on. I immediately confronted her and she told me that she too wants to be an entertainer. Dot dot dot and adult film star. She told me that she is posted over twenty videos of our best work in the bedroom. Now i'm not a shy person but she should have at least told me i. This is crazy right. Should i should. I have covered so i could have covered my face. She begged me to keep participating in the videos with her the now it's something that we do often. She makes good money from uploading videos to the site. So this has become a lucrative part time job for her. But i can't help but think that this could come back to bite me in the but one day and keep me from becoming a successful entertainer last week. I told her that. I'm out of the home. Video business with her okay. I told her that. I want to settle down with her and have normal lifestyle. Well she is furious with me and said that she's been supporting my dream for two years. But i won't support hers. The stephen shirley. Should i support my dream and make this thing work or should i leave this madness and move on. Please help no absolutely not. You cannot support this. This is madness. You need to move on from this. I mean you know. This isn't right come on Why would you wanna do this. And and yes people are going to find out. I mean you're in the entertainment business. So there's some leniency there but you can never take these videos back. They're going to live on the internet forever. This is this. your heart isn't into this. You don't want to do this. This is why is this her dream anyway. I you've been with her for three years and it is a betrayal. Because she didn't tell you you have to agree to this. If you're going to have your but out on video on the internet come on now this is craziness right here Yes she's wrong on every level especially because she didn't tell you I if your dream is to be an entertainer an entertainer This is not the way to break into the business. I guarantee you that some people have yes and they've gone on to to to do bigger and better things or or whatever. But i don't think you need to be a part of that. No she. she's wrong on every level for doing this should you. Should you support her. I don't think you should and make this thing work. No no Should you leave this madness and move on for sure. Leave the madness and and if she's mad at you for not supporting it. You're going to have to leave her to stave bra. I don't see what the letter is full in this whole. Neta man is just magnus. You know you going along you meet this girl. Y'all been together for three years. You instantly knew she was the one when you met her. She cooks watch sports with me. She supposed my dream to be entertaining. She do all that she just waited on a gain to be old yeah. She watches sports. So we can get on here making damn movie. I'm watching these games. I watching the game up looking upside jelly. 'cause i need jill in here to get this damn movie. So right relationship was perfect. About eight months ago. I was on an adult website. Jeff brown to amateur home videos to right. Oldest is one video had background just like my bedroom as zuni beat was my bad. I'm surprised you recognize the bedroom for you. Recognize you ain't that was to shock for the my bedroom. You wouldn't brand no tickets to the two people in the bed right this my bedroom not. That's chopin zoomed in. It was it and it was video my girlfriend and getting. Oh all used proper cram. It wasn't me and my girlfriend. It was girlfriend and you might use proper grammar but you on porno site. Wow i immediately confronted her. She told me that she two loss to be entertaining. See all these three years off and talking around you. You never uncovered that dog. You had to go on a porno site to discover. Yes she wants to be an adult film star. She told me she posted over twenty videos of our best work in the bedroom. I know shoppers could've watched a some. But you could've told me so. I could have covered my fake. What is gonna get out get out. Yeah oh is out is out now somebody recognize and let me tell you. Go when we come back. I'm gonna tell you how you go get recognized for this steve. You know birthday not now win. All right we're going to have part. Two of steve's response to the strawberry letter told you guys it was crazy subject. I don't wanna be this type of movie star okay. Don't wanna be this type of movie star teams response. Part two coming up at twenty three after the hour. You're listening to morning show. Let's recap today's strawberry letter. steve subject. I don't wanna be this type of movie star this dude. Matisse girl three years ago knew she was the one perfect filling low right away to been through years. Everything's perfect about eight months ago. He looked up eight months ago. He owned all porno psych. Just gone through the home video. Any noticed that that was a bad. That looks familiar. He's zoomed in and reason. Look familiar because it was his bedroom but it was him and his girl in the video. How oh no crazy confronted her right away. Bravery bravery video menu. I know it is. You ain't to only wanna be a star. I wanna be a star to. I won't be adult film star but hold up. I've posted over twenty videos us doing your best work and it has turned out to be lucrative. We make money. Then he said well hold on shannon bush. She should at least told me so. I could have covered my face. See this can't get out about me but the problem no dog is is going. Get out about me. I'm gonna get to that in a minute. She begged me to keep participating in the video. So now something. We do off to you just in hitches clown she make good money from uploading the video to the site so this become a lucrative part time job for but i can't help but think that this could come back to get

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