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Alright tonight. 41. Thanks very much. Uh, well, uh, you probably know that Gavin Newsom is fighting to keep his job in California is the governor and today is the final day of voting, and I can only imagine what's going on there today. Let's check it out. ABC news correspondent Alex Stone Live in Los Angeles. Alex. By the way, you can follow me on Twitter at a stone ABC News, Alex. Good morning to you. Are they late late late minute? The campaigns are going on. Well, yeah, last night, A lot of it wrapped up President Biden was here kind of the big name for Democrats campaigning with Gavin Newsom last night, and Larry Elder. The leading Republicans are 47 candidates going up against Gavin Newsom, but the one believed to be the front runner being conservative talk show host Larry Elder. He was holding a lot of last minute events as well yesterday and then today we think it's going to be relatively quiet. This is that the day of voting, although in reality, most of the voting has already been done, ballots were mailed out. Many, many weeks ago. A lot of people already voted along time ago mailed it back in. Uh, some can can vote in person today if they want to, And it's expected that when the mail in ballots are counted first to those will be the numbers that we begin getting tonight. The day will probably heavily favor Newsome because Democrats really push the mail in ballot mail in voting, and then later on overnight tonight when we begin getting the in person voting That will favor Larry Elder because that will be more Republicans who go and vote in person, and then we'll get numbers after that, that are the late mail and balanced. People who mailed them today likely will go back to toward the blue. So there's going to be early on. It's going to likely appear that Newsome has run away with it, and then by tomorrow morning, we'll likely swing back towards Larry elder bit, but the numbers would indicate if the polling is correct, and it may not be, But if it if it is correct that Newsom will have a pretty easy time of it tonight. By double digits, said he and his team feels pretty confident that they're going to be fine. But again, you know that polling in a recall election like this not accurate at all so well, Wolf to see what happens tonight. All right. Well, the pollsters still think Hillary Clinton is going to win. So who knows? What? Yeah. It's hard to figure that, Um uh, Besides elders, anybody else who has a chance at all on the Republican side should he be recalled? Not in less than a complete surprise. All the focus has been on elder and, you know, Caitlyn Jenner got into it with big national fanfare, but she never did much here in California. Kevin Faulkner, the former mayor of San Diego, much more moderate, seemed like that that he might have been a more mainstream candidate got overshadowed by elder John Cox, who was holding Campaign events with a Kodiak bear alive. Bear around California got early attention but didn't really go beyond their if the polling is correct. It seems that the best thing that happened to Newsome was Larry Elder getting in the race he got in late and quickly gained popularity among Republicans. Month and a half ago, It looked like that Gavin Newsom was in danger of being recalled before Larry Elder got into it, and at least before he really gained a lot of popularity. That you had independents and Democrats Remember California's 2 to 1 Democrats over Republicans. Republicans only make up about 24% of the voter population that many of them said. You know what we do want change, and we would go with somebody who is more moderate Republican and then elder got in, and I mean he's very much in line with President Trump and That turned off a lot of the Democrats willing to jump to the other side and independence and then very quickly. The numbers swayed toward Noosa Noosa, making the claim that if you go with elder you're going to turn this state into Florida. Or into Texas. And that is something that for the overwhelming population that is Democrat in California is a bad thought. And they don't want that. And and so that that seemed that messaging seemed to work. And then the The voter numbers began going in line with Newsome. Well, it's funny. It's the same thing is going to happen here. Uh, they're going to be saying this candidate is to the left of Newsome. And we don't want to turn into California. So it's uh I guess it's reciprocal nut sense. Um, yeah, If not, you will take it back, You know, And then you would have some here in California. They would be saying, Well, great. That's a good thing, Just like I'm sure that there are folks in the in Florida many of them saying Well, great. That would be wonderful to go this side of Trump. But But in California that doesn't Trump lost California by 30 points last year that Democrats know that that is a point that they can make and gain traction by by saying You don't want to go that way. Right, exactly, Alex. Pleasure talking to you, as always. Thank you. I'm sure we'll talk this week. Take care, and I'll see it. You got it. Sounds good. Have a great day. That's Alex Stone. Everybody Yeah. I mean, look, we are We are really 50 different countries. When you look at it, aren't we? Really are. I mean, finally, fathers wanted it to be that way. The 10th amendment lot of us in the state to have more power than the federal government. But that's kind of changed recently, and the Democrats wanted to change more. They hate the idea that Texas and, uh in Florida, more independent, uh than From them, then a California or New York. They hate that idea.

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