A highlight from O'Reilly Update Morning Edition, September 13, 2021


O'reilly here. And i'm warming up from the nra dot net studios in new york standby for the o'reilly update morning edition on this monday. I am looking forward to seeing clint. Eastwood's new film cry macho which will be out in the theater soon. Mr eastwood directs and stars in the movie. Clint eastwood is ninety. One years all. I have the actor for about twenty five years. I think he likes me. He sees me as a television and radio. Dirty harry over the years. I've had dinner with him a few times. And i always order what he orders for obvious reasons. The guy is an amazing physical and mental specimen. So last time. I saw him. I knew he was producing and directing and starring in this new movie. So i said how do you keep doing this at your age and he laughed and he replied quote. I don't let the old man out on quote and that ladies and gentlemen boys and girls is an amazing piece of wisdom as you age. Just continue to do what you like to do. Stay active stay engaged. They involved and stay vibrant and clint eastwood is the poster guy for that now this parents. Have you been as frustrated as i have with the messages kids are being taught today in school and in the media cancelled culture. Wokers them socialism. On and on. That's why i am so glad to tell you about the tuttle twins books these children's books help. Parents teach their kids traditional ideas. They've already sold about two point. Five million bucks kids love them. Parents love that their kids are learning the

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