Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards's Daughter Sami Calls Mom's House 'Abusive,'


Let's talk about charlie sheen and denise richards. He tend to forget that they were together because like so much happening in the world but they have a daughter and her name sammy. She's seventeen years old and just like we see many of times. These teenage celebrity kids have a platform. It's called tick taha hood where where they now have this platform and there followed. Because not only do they have their friends and they can have a viral video in ten seconds but they're related to celebrities like charlie sheen and denise richards there her mom and dad and she says that she was in an abusive trapped in an abusive household little over a year ago been deleted. But you know once it's put on the internet it's there forever. We don't know who sammy was living with. Some of my sources are saying. It was on the denise side and sammy rancher charlie but we all know charlie's paths so we're left to just be like you know ooh She says now finally moved out of the hell. House had a spiritual awakening own two cats happy single full of self love and dropped out of high. Sam i agree with everything. Maybe except for the last part but You know she said she says and she looks much happier than than previous posts before. So it'll be interesting over the next few years actually with all these children who are younger like ten twelve and as soon as they get talk. They don't realize the magnitude that a post even though they've lived the life they have this platform. Now where the simplest thing where you think. You're you're telling mom and dad you know you're just writing them out or just trying to be goofy. It could go viral

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