Dodgers Clinch Their Ninth Consecutive Playoff Berth


Like to welcome in now the greet buster only espn baseball insider host of the baseball tonight. Podcast can follow at buster underscore. Espn buster always great to talk to you. Guys are man so buster. The dodgers clinched their ninth street playoff spot with a win last night. How important is it for them to actually win the division though with these surprising giants well. It's it's absolutely huge. The funny thing was about nine days ago. We had the dodgers and giants sunday night. Baseball and i asked that very question of neighbors. The dodgers manager any kind of blinked looked at me and he goes. You know what it's too out. I haven't even given a thought right. He's still in the moment of the regular season. But you know now down the stretch with less than three weeks ago it's going to become a focal point because we've seen time and again how great players can be derailed. By that wildcard game. There were a couple of years Seven eight years ago when it looked like at the end of the regular season the pittsburgh pirates were the best team in the national league but they had to go through wildcard game and it back to back years they face madison bumgarner to the beginning of the greatest postseason run. We've ever seen any pitcher that was in two thousand fourteen and they lost and then the next year they got jake arrieta at the end of the greatest second half we ever saw from pitcher And they lost again and so the dodgers have a chance to be the first team to win back to back titles since The nineteen ninety. Eight to two thousand yankees. I think that the best team in baseball right now but one game. You just never

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