The Days After 9/11: Will Things Ever Be Funny Again?

One Plus One


On amazon music or with one plus in the days after nine eleven it really did feel like nothing would ever be funny again. Welcome to the late show. This is our first show on the air. Sense of new york and washington were attacked. Even the men on late night had abandoned their post. Then shuffled back. One by one cowed by their lack of words to describe what had happened. Letterman came. I watching all of this. I wasn't sure of that. I should be doing a television show because for for twenty years we've been in in the city making fun of everything making fun of the city making fun of my hair making fun of paul well. Conan came the next night. I will be very honest with you. I have no idea how to do what we've been doing. I know i have no idea how we're going to get back to doing this again. That's how we all feel. And then jon stewart two nights later. I was a producer on the daily show. Then standing just offstage with the rest of the staff feeling like someone had pulled the parking brake at full speed. Our senses of humor had dropped right out of the bottom of the car. So we're we're gonna take a break. And i'm going to stop slobbering on myself in the desk and we're going to get back to this and it's gonna be fun and funny and it's going to be the same as it was and i thank you. We'll be right back. I just assumed well. We can't do humor todd. Hanson was the head writer at the satirical newspaper the onion at the time. Everyone on the staff assumed that and so we cancelled it and we just went dark and of course who cares. It's just comedy right. But here's the problem the onion isn't just a scrappy. College comedy thing anymore. They have financial backers they have payroll. They have add biased fulfil hell. They still have to pay. They might be giants. They can't just stop printing whenever they want. They have to put there next issue. A whole newspaper full of

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