U.S., Australia and UK Unveil New Security Partnership


The biden administration's efforts to counter chinese dominance in asia and support allies in the region is gathering steam. This week the us uk and australia agreed a landmark security pact in the indo pacific. The move will see australia. Build nuclear powered submarines for the first time the pack will also cover artificial intelligence cyber and quantum technologies. So what does all this mean for australia. Monaco's contributor in canberra ardebili. Gary sent us. This report the news that ustralia is going to be getting nuclear-powered submarines came out of the blue five years ago. We signed an agreement with the french to provide us with diesel-powered submarines. It has since become clear that these technology would not be adequate to meet security challenges. Plus they wouldn't be delivered for almost twenty years at the same time. Need security partnership between australia. The us and uk was announced called aucas. All of this is pretty big knees. Even if you're not someone to spend a lot of time thinking about submarines the full details haven't yet been announced but it is clear that it's all about sending a strong message to china. Tensions between australia and china has been increasing over the past few years so this deal is all about australia. Proving to beijing that it has big and powerful allies that it can rely on but it will get australia. Offside with other friends new zealand and pacific countries are avowedly anti nuclear. Oh new zealand has already said it won't allow the subs in its waters. Australia is a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. So we can expect that e inspectors will be doorsteps wanting access and china has put out a statement. Saying it's irresponsible big questions now. Are this tacitly. Say that his strategy is undoubtedly in a cold war situation with china. And just how much safer will australia. Now be

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