A highlight from Skincare Despair (with Ashley Nicole Black)


When anita durkee was twelve years old his bicycle broke and he was left to walk the streets of columbus ohio. All he had to keep him company was his walkman an incredible new album out of new jersey. The third track on the album is one that sends me back to that summer perhaps quicker than any other ready or not ready or not. you can't have the hook adele. Phonics line turned upside down. When taken out of the hands of men. Say slow this month on the eleven. We've follow me back to this pivotal moment to reconsider this pivotal album. The score by fujii's. That's this month on the eleventh. A new podcast from pineapple. Shoot studios available everywhere. You listen welcome to unhappy our the show where we bitch about all the things we love to. Hey every single week. I'm your host. Matt bala side. I'm here the studio. Right across my producer barry bengal hi barry. Hey matt i miss you. How are you well. I discovered that. I actually really need on happy hour every week. Because if i don't have this space to just get things off my chest. I ended up fully screaming at people on the street. Great i mean to be fair. He deserved it. I was biking. I was right

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