Jaguars Coach Urban Meyer Dismisses USC Coaching Rumors: 'No Chance'


You guys see Schefters report that Urban meyer's commented on the usc job. He said he is not interested. There's no chance i'm here. And i'm committed to trying to build this organization. Yeah and he's never lied before about leaving a team to coach somewhere else. Lager you searching for the chickens right now. Searching for nick sabin. I'm not going to be the alabama head coach. no one's buying that right with our reminder. He could be telling the truth he could have zero interest in it but he is not someone who you can believe any credible thing that he did no visa way to go here as well. What else is he going to say. He's employed by the jaguars. I mean we're already having these rumors swirl around him two weeks into a regular season that by all reports is off to a pretty rocky start. Yeah he's not gonna come out and say yes. I'm very interested. He benefits from having his name associated with that. Somehow those usc by the way it's mutual benefit with his

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