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Strawberry Letter


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My husband wants badly to be an actor but he's never been able to make it work. He's auditioned for a lot of commercials. He's taking act. He's and acting classes and he has wasted our money on hustling his way into some big auditions but each time he was rejected the most. He's achieved some unpaid adult roles in the local children's theatre to put it plainly. He can't act worth a darn and kid sings to save his life. I love him. But it's the truth. Our friends and family have sat through too many bad productions and local flays and. I simply can't do it anymore. We constantly have to lie and tell him he's good and we know that we are giving him false encouragement. My biggest problem is now that our kids are in college. He has come up with the crazy idea of moving to new york so he can finally make big as an actor. He has no professional experience but he thinks he just needs to be discovered to get his first big break. I don't know how to tell them. It's not going to happen without crushing his spirit. What to do when you know. Your man's hopes most likely will never be a reality steve. You're a superstar. So what advice do you have for someone who has to tell their spouse. They're definitely not going to make it. He can't unwrap my life with a delusion. Please help well. Does he have any talent at all. Nothing nothing because on one hand you definitely need to stop lying to him you and all your friends and you all have to tell him the truth. You really love him like you say you do. And those are really his friends. You guys have to sit them down and tell him the truth. Maybe he didn't take enough acting classes. Sometimes you know maybe he needs more. You know sometimes you can you know maybe on the other hand you don't wanna be the one to just kill his dream. This is a dream of his. So you know you gotta you. You have to support him as the wife Because you know he's going to be crushed to know that you really don't believe in him all right But obviously he believes in himself which is a good thing no matter how many rejections he's gotten because i mean actress. Say this all the time about the rejections they have to deal with and they do have to deal with a lot of rejection and no. I don't think that you should uproots ally. But i do think you know. Maybe you should have one more good chance for him. Give him a chance to pursue his dream. You know pick a date. Set up some auditions send out some videotapes video audition video auditions and if he gets a bite if he gets. You know a callback or something. Maybe then he can go to new york. If it's something something permanent okay. But i would encourage him to keep taking those classes. Because i don't think he should kill his dream. Yeah sure crush this time out for this too old for this fifty years old. You've been with this man twenty three years. He ain't made check them. Kids go have degrees for. He's he's a great provider. that's what he is. Got a solid career. That's what that's what he is. He's always had a big dream. He wants to be a big broadway actor. My husband was badly be active. But he ain't never been able to make it work. He auditioned for commercials. He taking acting classes. He didn't wasted money hustling his way into some big auditions and every time he rejected. 'cause he k. ac k. We just why he always get. That's why you've got to hustle. His way into these auditions ain't nobody asked him to come down there. They had him at other auditions. He came at the most. he's achievers. Some unpaid adult roles in a local children's all fat asses somewhere heated tree. The tree children's theatre. Your big ass is a treat

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