New Orleans Saints Have Eight Members of Organization Test Positive for COVID-19


This saints. Coaching steptoe. What what's the latest. What is it eight members of the saints organization test positive. So what's the protocol. What are they gotta go through through the next few days or weeks. Yes so It is as of right now. Almost exclusively saints coaches not exclusively. Because there's one player. Michael thomas to starve receiver. But he's not an active player. So i'm doesn't necessarily affect them on the field but it is Six assistant coaches a nutritionist. On michael thomas. I believe so. You know it's it's interesting. Because i think last year. If this happened there would be some. I would say panic or certainly some some real worry About what's going to happen to the saints. What does it mean. How's it going to derail their season but every coach on their staff vaccinated most of the players not all the most of the players are vaccinated. So you know they were at a point where it affects them because those coaches aren't going to be allowed to be in the building but the you know return to return to work is so much faster because they're fully vaccinated that it is possible that it might not even affect anything for sunday So you know we're gonna still monitor it but it's an it's an issue but i would say probably not maybe as much of an issue as it might have been lasting

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