A highlight from Retro RHLSTP 15 - Michael Sheen


Are new to the podcast or at your out the podcast and want to listen to the again. That's all fine. Yeah this week's guest is michael. Shane berry excited about this one. I'm a bit of a fan boy. As we as i discuss in this one i met him once and shake his hand. Had to my catch all over my fingers. I think i discussed that and was there slightly norville so is a lovely of michael to come and do this absolutely one of the best actors of his generation but also very interesting comedy very interested in great charitable works and a down to earth and lovely man. I have to say. I hope we can hope i'd be his friend. He invited me to be as guest on pointless the same week. This and i couldn't do it because i was on. Hold on. i think. I came back from holiday to do this because we had to book holiday and i was very disappointed. I couldn't do pointless of michael shayne. 'cause i'm sure we would have become best friends. Forever mean it would have been me doing that. Zoom show with him almost certainly so He talks about lots of great stuff including ufo's good bit about ufo's and this one was recorded at kings place which michael didn't realize and that is why he was slightly late for the podcast again. I'm show we discussed that I'm a big fan of thirty rock. And you know unexplained one of the jokes in thirty rock. Tim in case you hadn't got it but i think he got it and apart from that we had a very nice time and yeah hope to get him back on again. I do remember we are doing a new series of rallies in august-september toby you can come buy tickets to see most of them live. Some of them are sold out but we are doing a livestream as well All the proceeds of which will go to the hospital. That helped my cancer and to the museum of comedy. If you fancy watching live streams of that and i think that'll be available for some time after you don't have to watch them live and i'm not sure they're gonna go out on youtube at all. So if you wanna see videos go to g boxoffice box office dot com slash hollister per if you are a monthly badger or if you become one before you buy these tickets go faster. Stripe don't come such badges. You'll get fifty percent off all of your tickets. Whether it's a season pass just wanted to one of the shows and we love life you could buy even just one ticket to one of these live streams and the beneficiaries will be fantastic charities and if it works out we might do it again so. Let's sit back. Relax and enjoy rohullah sta with michael. Shift sir michael shane. I'm gonna make that bold assessment. Now that's who he is

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