What Level of Antibody Is Needed for Protection Against COVID-19?


Takover i on recently the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation outlined plans for an autumn booster program to top up the immunity of everyone over fifty against covert nineteen. But one thing that hasn't been clear so far is how much do we need in order to be protected where some people despite vaccination still able to catch corona virus infection but not become on. Well now we have a bit more clarity. Because as robert cedar explained to chris smith. He's done some catholic experiments on monkeys which developed covert nineteen infections in a similar way to humans. This has revealed the level of antibody. That's needed to protect both against severe lung disease and also against just catching and say potentially passing on the infection. The to turn out to be different and this means we now have a benchmark to aim for when or indeed if we embark on a programme of booster doses this autumn when you give the vaccine trying to measure the type of immune response in the blood that would tell you that you would be protected in the lungs or in the nose. You wanna protect people. I in the long so they don't get severe disease and you liked to protect people in the upper airway so it might prevent them from getting symptoms of a cold and then you would not be able to give it to somebody else. Was this not known already given that we have put billions of doses of vaccines into the world's population. So far there had been a couple of studies that showed that the higher levels of antibodies. You had in the blood measure of the immune. Response the better off. You were for protection. So our study in animals provided greater specificity to really define kind of exactly what the level of antibody response in the blood was to mediate protection in either the long or the

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