A highlight from Retrospective of Episodes 500-699 from Episodes 700 and 703

Sleep With Me


I just want to let you know that the reason sleeping me exists is because like i know how fuel to not be able to sleep in the deep dark night and have compassion for you in embassy in alley because they've been here because i know it doesn't feel good as learn more about what that means again. Look to my actions and changes. I need to make really deepens. My connection with other people the community around the show that community. I live in the community on this planet. So if you have extra needs right now there's links to resources in the show notes and if you wanna be a part of positive change say black lives matter say stop a api hate a with your actions. You know address other things that are important to you and the members of your community treating people with dignity and respect and then go and beyond that there's links to resources you can connect with in the show notes because you're important and that's why i make the show your sleep's important but you are too so that's That's just. I mean that's what i'm here To to Can't say any more than that So thanks being here. And here's the ways these sponsors her home able to be here for you for free choice a week. Thanks a raid scoots. And you've heard me with this patriot pitch for years and years and years if you've listened to the show i've talked about the value of being a patron or the joy some patrons get by rebellious elite giving back And pay for a free sleep. Podcast but over the last Couple years understandably under the current conditions. We've Been getting less and less patrons at least on the backside in it's just something I'm wondering if you if you're a former patron or you're not a patron like what more what might you be looking for. What like

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