George W Bush Reveals Himself as He Equates Jan 6 With 9/11


I really knew. Extreme w we hardly knew because so many of us really know what we're getting when we voted for and supported george w bush revealed his true self to listen and for that. We need to be grateful. We needed to be thankful that the picture of dorian gray has come out of the closet with the separating pus and the dripping is and the fangs when george w bush are you body are you body shaming dorian gray no your character shaming george bush. That's right of course that's a few ask. It's like trying to get a chimpanzee embarrassed. But i i am attempting to shame if there is if there is a human art left inside the shell. That is george w bush. There's a single flicker of humanity. I would like to summit so that i can shame it into repentance. We'll look for first of all john. We always were. Both of us are too clever by half. You're too clever by three quarters. What we need to do is very clearly. Lay out what he said the other day so the audience because a lot of people will not have heard this ladies and gentlemen. I tweeted about this. This is shocking. This is disturbing. It's actually sickening and john. Tell my audience What they've won at the service in pennsylvania for the flight ninety three passengers who took down a plane that was headed for the us capitol or the white house. These ordinary americans knew there were throwing their lives away. They charge the cockpit and brought that plane down they brought down the terrorists. George bush's administration officials had led into this country. And george bush. An fbi had failed to stop at a service for these brave american shanksville pennsylvania. That's right george. Bush gets up there and condemns the january six protesters who who were pit protesting peacefully ninety nine point nine nine percent of them protesting peacefully to make sure they're american votes. Were counted in american election. He condemned them. He equated them to the hijackers who brought down the planes on nine eleven and flew them into buildings trying to murder. Tens of thousands of americans. George w bush equated them as extremists who were intolerant and not supportive of

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