Rose McGowan Accused Gov. Newsom's Wife of Trying to Silence Her About Harvey Weinstein

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Recall election day in california. Voters are deciding whether democratic governor gavin newsom should be recalled and if so who should replace him conservative talk show host. Larry elder remains the favorite in the opponents field but recent polling shows that new some will probably remain in office. The election grew out of frustrations with newsome's pandemic orders that closed schools and businesses. For months and elders camp has recently been trying to distract from on field politics. He was joined by activist and former actress. Rose mcgowan on sunday. She was one of the earliest women to accuse. Producer harvey weinstein of sexual misconduct. And she now says that newsome's wife jennifer siebel. Newsom tried to convince her in twenty seventeen not to go public with allegations zoos about me projects and nationalize when she says invoice shoulder to make you happy so i sent my other contact and on behalf of attorney voice who's harvey weinstein's lawyer and call rose mcgowan and said what can we do to make you all way. What can we do to make this. Happy all to be talking between now and the end of my campaign. Newsom is denying that calling them part of a politically driven hit piece. So i guess. They are doing a last-minute minute classic piece a she's a big promoter of larry elder. Apparently rose is identifying with him over us and is been making some pretty outrageous and absolutely Foundation this accusations against my wife and that just shows you how low Things go in campaigns these days.

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