Running Injuries: When To Keep Running and When Take a Break


This is just a hypothetical example. I'm out for a four mile. Easy run and my left. Knee starts to talk to me or my right heel hurts or my calf suddenly seizes up I haven't stepped into a pothole or otherwise. You know run into a dog or something like that like nothing that it's like clearly like oh i that's how i hurt myself. What do i do. should. I keep running. Do i stop running like if you're in my shoes or a listeners. In my shoes christy. What do you recommend okay. So sometimes that can be the sign of actual injury. Sure but sometimes it's just information in his just your body telling you like oh. Maybe you didn't drink enough water before you ran in. Your calf is cramping dehydrated so it. It's not always necessarily an injury. So what i usually say is if you can run through it in. It's it's not sharp stabby pain like you really feel like you're doing yourself and you keep going you can keep going You can always take a break and off break and just walk it out a little bit. Sometimes that'll be enough for it. Sometimes you start In you go back to trying to round and you're like nope that is not happening. Okay then you need to stop but if it's if it's more dull nature and is just kinda there. It's not really getting worse. Not really getting better. But it's not changing. You can usually run through them. Okay and what about. If i it's dullish but i'm maybe changing my gate or i'm slowing down quite a bit to baby or something like that. If i'm aware of that which i realized might be kind of a second level consciousness but do i need to stop then. Even if i feel like i could power through it Not necessarily if. I the slowing down part to me. That's not stressful. Because again it could just be a information that you're getting that day and you may be able to go out a few days later and maybe totally fine if you feel like you're if you're limping or you're really having to adjust how you're running then you need well. I shouldn't say you need to stop. You should stop. how about that. Yeah there are plenty of people that wouldn't in done that myself. Many times are paid for it. Big time down the road. So yeah i mean if you've got to change what you're doing in terms of like you're limping or basically lumping. Because i think if you have to slow down that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you can do an easy run and finish it off then okay. Maybe you really shouldn't be doing something faster right

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