Author Craig Stanfill Sends Stark Warning in New Book 'Terms of Service'


Stanfield stanfield. Wrote a book called terms of service. He's a computer. Scientist and a software engineer is very knowledgeable about artificial intelligence and he wrote a book called terms of service. It's so important. Though that we listened to his warning about the role that big tech is plain and the role of censorship on the internet facebook. Twitter all this has been co opted by these big tech. Titans and i had a chance to talk to craig's stanfield about his book and about the warning. He has for all of us who go online. Tell us first of all about the book. Because i haven't gotten my hands on it yet. I can't wait to crack it. Open described terms of service for people who want to learn about it. Know about the book is set in a theoretical future. Two hundred fifty years from now. I put it that far in the future to sort of bypass whatever. Our current contemporary issues may be an look at things more abstractly it posits that there are big corporations corporate monopolies that pretty much run the economy and pretty much run the world sort of corporate government and that flows from this notion that these companies can set their terms of service however they want so if you want housing you have to go to the housing company and you have to sign their terms of service. If you want food you have to go to the food company and you have to sign their terms of service that of course you see all your power to these companies now under sure. That's two hundred and fifty years. That sounds like twenty twenty one to me. I get a lot of that and of course. There's a is obviously written in with awareness of what's going on with big tech and this one of the theme is if you think it's bad now it's could get a lot worse than it is getting

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