1st All-Civilian SpaceX Crew Launches Into Orbit


There at it. Elon musk space. Company made history wednesday after its first all civilian mission launched from cape canaveral florida. The mission is called inspiration for sent. Four civilians into orbit Got a geo. Scientists a us air force vet a physician's assistant who was also a cancer. Survivor and jared isaac men. He's the billionaire. Who purchased the flight to help raise money for childhood cancer. They'll be flying about one hundred miles higher than the international space station. They'll carry out some experiments you about balance and testing. Their blood will be there for three days. They're expected to splash down in the atlantic on saturday and they're not docking anywhere so they took the like basically the the sun roof off. You usually have that closed because that's dachshunds. So now they have this giant window above them and they're just like us overeating now. Yeah they went up this morning. We sorry yesterday yesterday.

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