Antony Blinken Caught Off Guard by Hunter Biden Question During Afghanistan Hearing


Welcome back to american i is. We were prepping for the show. Us catching literally the opening statements of the foreign affairs committee Hearing with anthony blinken on the disaster. That was enough. Ghanistan was sitting here moments ago. You tweeted me breaking story about list of lincoln's testimony which had to stop watching so we can host the show. What did tony blinken chief diplomat for the biden regime. Say rather not say john. Yeah so most of the hearing was basically talking points by the secretary. Say things we've heard from the fodio for weeks now not much drawn out in new news except for one moment congressman scott perry republican from pennsylvania. Asked him point blank. Have you been interviewed by the fbi. The first time blinken got asset question. He was completely shocked. He stumbled over his word and he said sure. I know what you're talking about. Scott very came right back and so this isn't hard since you get interviewed by the fbi. You said i'm not gonna comment on any legal. In england he said i'm not asking you to comment on the legal proceedings. I'm actually going to answer the american public. Were you in abide by the case and demerge against. Hey can i talk to you off. Line about it. A very dramatic moment. what. I can report separate and what happened. That the hearing is that both current and former. Us govern officials confirmed that the f. b. i. has approached recently approached secretary Blatant related to the andarabai investigation. And when i called the state department earlier today they said talk to the fbi about that. That's their business. So they're sort of back can't confirmation that something is going on between the fbi. The state department in your biden

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