Remembering September 11: 'Why Do They Hate Us?'


It is falling apart as As we watch these pictures live the world trade center. One hundred ten stories literally starting to fall and three thousand people killed by a group called al qaeda. Not long after. That event occurred almost twenty years ago. The talking heads the self-appointed elites coalesced around one question. Greetings my friends sebastian. Gorka here from strategist to president trump. And this is america first on the salem radio network all those people who think thought they was special. Qualify to comment on those events people who had very little if any background in counter-terrorism on national security coalesced around one question which actually i think it was the cover of time magazine that published that question. Why do they hate us. If you're of a sudden vintage you remember that. In the weeks and months since september the eleventh the e cognitive inability of people in america who are deemed to be special. Why is educated. Who asked the question how. How is this possible. How could grown men with just box. Cotton in little canisters of gas of spray. That is used in self-defense. Turn they form of mass transit into a form of mass

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