The Climate Workhorse: Extremely Cheap, Clean Electricity

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Sheldon welcome. Thanks for having me excited to have you here. How long have you been in the clean power business. Would you say I started in the power business in the Right around the turn of the millennium and at that point we we all thought that gas power was clean power. Calpine who i worked for for a long time was Was re powering. America with a clean natural gas realistically have been in the clean power business since about two thousand and sixty thousand seven when i got out of business school and You know helped start and build a recurrent energy So long longtime long longer than most that. That's that's good all right so fifteen or so years in we now define as clean power at another six or seven years if you wanna define Natural gas power as well. So let's start with then where we are today given your long historical trajectory here like i. Would you characterize the state of clean. Power today chaotic. I think. I think it's it's it's it's it's an industry that everybody expects explosive growth from And everybody kind of knows that it's inevitable in the end But but in the near term you know i would characterize it as being marred by sort of fits and starts you know of not wanting to get into policy or anything but but trade issues and supply chain. You know there's there's so many It like every industry has has just been through the wringer in the last couple of years right not not so much all bad but just the volatility So it seems like every day you're responding to some other crisis in the business and so while the general trend is kind of up into the right and there is enormous growth opportunity. You know for for for everybody in the sector it. I keep joking the team. There must be easier ways to make money and save the world. It's it's it's it's definitely harder to save the world and make money then you then you think it is or then then it sounds like a be.

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