The Taliban's New Government Includes Hardliners and a Designated Terrorist

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Activists afghanistan are asking world leaders not to recognize the new interim afghan government. There are no women in the taliban cabinet. It even includes an extremist on the fbi's most wanted list a far cry from the inclusive. Moderate leadership mini had wanted for more. On what this all means. We're joined by. Npr's jackie northam in islamabad pakistan. Jackie welcome thank you very much. This new interim government is made up of a lot of the old guard. Tell us who they are. You're right. I mean there are a lot of familiar faces here That have been with the taliban from many many years. The new head of the afghanistan's government interim head is a man named muhammad hassan. A koon and he's considered a hard liner. You absolutely he from kandahar. Which is the birthplace of the taliban and he's held various leadership roles over the years including foreign minister and deputy prime minister when the tel ban ruled afghanistan in the nineties. So he's got experience Updo ghani batard on this is interesting. He heads the talibans political officer. He's going to be the interim deputy prime minister but this was a a surprise. He was really Widely expected to lead the taliban government a couple others You know there's the son of mullah omar who founded the taliban. He's now the in term defense minister and then we have sirajjidin Connie who is basically on a wanted list with the us and the fbi and he has a you know a five million dollar bounty on his head so you know. Those are some of the people that we can expect that. Be running afghanistan on the next short while an maybe once. They finalize the government has well

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