Hurricane Ida Slams Louisiana, Downgraded to Tropical Storm


IDA has been downgraded to a tropical storm with winds down to about 45 MPH this after slamming into the Gulf Coast yesterday with winds of up to 150 MPH. Selena chat Lonnie with member station W, W and over reports, the storm knocked out power to all of New Orleans and inundated coastal Louisiana communities that includes the town of Jean Lafitte, just south of New Orleans. Sergeant Jason Laura Wall with the Jean Lafitte Police Department is out currently on search and rescue missions, he says hundreds of people for financial or physical reasons. We're not able to heed the mandatory evacuation and are asking for help as they get stuck in several feet of the storm water surge that scared because they've never seen that they've never faced the storm before. So, you know, we had a mandatory evacuation has been in order for a few days now, but our resident the resilient our residents have gone through just their whole lives, and they didn't think that this would happen. Lord Wald says they are trying to rescue as many people as possible

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