How Practicing Mindfulness Can Make Your Runs Easier and More Enjoyable


Mindfulness helped you with with your your training like how so like like we're just like getting into like what your body's feelings you don't ever do it or does that. Mindfulness like help you with the pain. Like how did those two probably jumping way ahead of the script here but yes yes yes. ns right. So let's backtrack and just talk about what. Mindfulness is so. Mindfulness is about being fully present without judgment in the present moment. So that's sort of taking it to it's very very basic so most of us are thoughts or are on a continuum. We're either thinking about yesterday or thinking about tomorrow or thinking about at wanna do this or or with me like this is hurting. I'm bored or i'm terrible. Everybody so much better than me or whatever it is that goes through a mind. What either when you're exercising or just doing anything in life and that creates a lot of stress in a lot of tension the body but it also means you're not paying attention to the body which is really this brilliant vessel that is communicating with your brain constant lane. Letting you know when you're native something when you're a position as good or or or or beneficial when things are moving smoothly and were not but because we're so busy doing and looking outside of ourselves we don't actually pay attention to what the body's trying to tell us so the the process of being mindful which is non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. So that's like you know if you're outside and you're looking at the balloon out of the sky and then you hear that a bird singing it song and then you notice your feet on how they feel on the ground and you're just in this moment to moment awareness without judgment just simply observing witnessing if you will. So that's a meditation practice. That is a incredibly wonderful experience for anyone to do with any any time but you bring it into movement and now you've got the ability to pay attention to this brilliant body that's leading you know if and when you're in pain because you've just pushing yourself hard or you're in pain because that's actually a movement that's going to be hurting you later. So or you're noticing your breath you're noticing. How your feet or hitting the ground. Creating a rhythm and a meditation as opposed to thinking about you know a win is gonna end. And when i'm gonna get to that mile right so it's rather than focusing on on a goal on the end game. You're in the present moment so that allows you actually to go faster to go longer to enjoy it more in also be more present so that you don't get injured

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