A Kid’s Dream Come True — Video Games as Medicine!


The age old. Mantra of parents won't let their kids have a gaming console too. Many video games hurts your brain but last summer. The fda approved the first ever prescription video game. It's endeavor rx and it's meant to help treat. Adhd in kids aged eight to twelve. It's not a standalone. It'll be prescribed along with other more traditional medication. Without insurance it costs about one hundred dollars a month a year later developers are just starting to reach out to doctors and potential patients. We spoke with ian bogus. He directs the film and media studies program at washington university in saint. Louis we asked him. What's a medicinal game. Even like it's kinda like any video game you've got a little character writing vehicle and you piloted through obstacles in order to reach a goal. That's interesting so it doesn't feel like you're taking your medicine. Yeah and you know. That's part of the appeal of games for any purpose for education or for politics or for for training. Or what have you is. Maybe you won't notice that you're doing this thing you don't want to do if it's in video game form but the creators of endeavor rx claim to have made technologies that are measuring and adapting to the player. Who would be an adhd patient who had been prescribed the game that according to them make alterations kind of customizing the experience to optimize the attention treatment

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