Yankees Fans: Now's the Time to Be in the Yankees' Corner


That. So, look, guys, Yankees, winners of 13 of the last 15. 21 and 6 in the month of August. They have 6 games coming up against two inferior teams. There's no reason to be down on this team, even though the offense didn't look great these last two nights, even though the bullpen let us down last night. It's going to happen. Losses, I understand, you feel invincible after those first few games after the first few games in Oakland because you staved off Oakland's wild comeback wild 6 O come back in that opener. And then you win the second game handily with just with an offensive explosion. Great. That's not gonna happen every night. We just won 13 in a row, enjoy it back in the playoff picture. People are feeling good. Let's keep the positive vibes going. Joey Gallo amid the win streak, said that the locker room was the most relaxed and fun that he's ever seen and that will arguably one of the most relaxed and funny he's ever been a part of. Don't you want that? We don't want to be the mets boo in their players incessantly and then having the players boo them back? You don't want to be that, we want to be, yes, we're going to hold this team accountable. Absolutely. If this team is performing, like, trash, we already saw it. They already been. They already were held accountable through the middle of July. Now, now that they're delivering some of the goods and getting back on track and bringing us a semblance of a championship caliber a potential championship caliber season select my words carefully there. We have to be in their

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