Igor Ioffe on His First Taste of Gambling


Eager good morning. Welcome to chasing polka greatness. How you doing good morning to you. Thank you very much so typically on this show the way we start out is by asking you about your story and your entry in poker so we'll start out by. How old are you so that we can set the timeline. And then let's tell the listener how you got involved in the world poker okay. I'm all forty one years old. And i got bold in the world of vulgar Around when i was eighteen nineteen was going to our these charity Weekends that would have charity events. That ah by jack jack with my friends that horrible rules. Let's go back a little bit because like so what about your entering a playing cards right. Like what led you to playing blackjack Just you know digesting it up for for fun. i'll playing. I was born in soviet union and Chess was big there. My dad's used. Because when i was like around four or five and then I play chess play cards dominoes. Dice bunch of russian games with my grandfather and so i always liked the strategy games and by always like know cards. Yeah and that's how they do Guards so how'd you get. How'd you did you. You and your family moved to the usa from the ussr. Yes we immigrated. Eighty mind when i was done here is old to to to america cool how how i got my station gambling. We were paul. I was spoiled and my dad worked for this company. And obviously were rolling america year and It was the caribbean who was for christmas that they took the whole family. And i want to my mom. And my dad and i was born. Nothing was ever myself the only kid and they had casinos data casino on the gruesome outside the casino they had sought machines. And i asked my mom or maybe like our borders and a present. And i don't know after maybe like three or four quarters jack. Four five hundred bucks so that that was my first day stuff gambling. I was After

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