Annette (Featuring Kris Krainock)


Ra. Chris crane arc is back with us today. And we're going to do our best at down this movie and net. Chris how's it going. It's going very well. Good to be back. It's been a minute. Yeah has been cited to be back. And i'm excited to be timing this movie because it is officially september in. It's my favorite movie of the year. So far it's been a weird year for movies man. I you know. I i keep saying i really hope by the end of the you know. We just recently did our top ten list at the midway point episode. And i really hope. Mortal kombat isn't still on my top ten the end of the year. I have to admit. I haven't seen that many movies actually this year. No it's my favorite amongst shortlist. Yeah but it has been a weird movie or you. Pardon me word year. He's yes and and it's a weird movie. It is a weird movie in a weird movie year but before we do get into some puzzle pieces here. I want to ask you where you like really looking forward to this movie. I i mean i know you. You like Liz carax's previous film holy motors fan big fan and while so this guy is really interesting. Film director. So he doesn't make that many movies. Yeah and he was kind of hailed as this french prodigy earlier in his career. And you know. Legend grew early around him. A suffered a lot of personal tragedy. Which holy motors and net or kind of response to some of that personal tragedy. So he's just a fascinating guy. And i really connected with holy motors which is interesting. Because it's such a bizarre movie. Yeah so strange and yet. There's this weird spell that a. casts that it's it's you must watch it. Yeah ever since then yeah. I was really looking forward to it. It was kind of kind of snuck up and bit me. I've been really focused on a lot of my own projects and when it happens i am not as up to date with everything that's happening in the movie. World's i typically am yeah. I'm just so swamped you know. And then i heard about this film. I heard about sparks being a part of it right right and i have. To make an honest. I only knew sparks very superficially. I knew there komo komo album Which was like their big breakthrough album. I think it was the seventies early eighties when they were kind of thought of. It's just like a experimental pop band

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