Controlling Your Temperature With Ecobee


Thanks for joining us today. Caroline and i have a great guest today. We got cory fox with echo kobe. Welcome to the house brother. Thank sir appreciate. Hey hey hey yeah. This is awesome. I'm familiar with your product. My last house. I took one other product. That i won't mention it out and put yours in because it was working well and your guises rocked it. It was awesome. We not not surprising. It's If i had more fingers and toes there are so many stories of folks that i have met over the years who have any go be It's really really interesting. And that spans the gamut from folks who work at utilities to homeowners to a lot of people who work in the trade so it's a really good product. What's let's reset the stage here for everybody out there. That goes watson e kobe because we all know what it is. But there's so many people out there that have that nineteen seventy two thermostat and they keep swiping it left and right to change the temperature and that's all it does and they have no idea what the rest of the world is like. Yeah no thanks for that tia. So e koby is a smart home company. They're headquartered out of toronto canada and the flagship product that will probably spend the majority of the time talking about today that most people are are familiar with with our brand is smart thermostat so backing We launched a under our spiritual leader. Stuart lombardo alar launch the first smart thermostat The company has scaled and grown significantly From them so that's what we are known for There's a lot of things that we do with the smart thermostat and then some of the products that we've come to market with over the years

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