Vegas Raiders Cut Down Roster to Initial 53-Man Roster


Get right to it sam. The raiders cut their roster down to fifty three. It's not etched in stone whatsoever. There's going to be a lot of moves. I think made over the next forty eight hours but any surprises regarding what What we saw today. How you doing great work today. Greg today becky over. A number of those moves broke several of those transactions. Great work as always. We appreciate it for me biggest surprise. I don't think there's a ton of surprises. You take a look at the roster in for the most part guys that we expect it to make the team guys that had prominent roles in training camp guys that we expect to have. Prominent role season are on the team The one surprise to me. And i guess it's not too much surprise when you contextualize training camp and how everything went through the preseason Brown three years removed from the one thousand yard season. You figure you know his speed. His veteran presence could play a factor there that receiving core. But it goes to show you that. The raiders have a lot of faith in henry rugs in bryan edwards to take a step forward in hunter renfro to continue to be a productive sought receiver and and felt it was. It was a mutually beneficial. John brown asked for his release. I expected to be a market for him with the raiders. Feel good about where they are at receiver. So that was the biggest surprise for people for the most part this roster looks how i expected it to look at this point of the season. What about you. What did you think. Yeah and As it relates to john brown zeta-jones also continues To to emerge as a guy that the raiders value as a reserve player maybe even as a spot starter. There's a lot of value in zeta-jones that goes obviously the numbers because he really hasn't put the numbers up but there's a chemistry that he has with dr carr. There's also an understanding now going into year. Three in this offense of what the raiders are doing so Not a bad option to have that deep down on under depth chart. It'll be interesting to see what some of these younger wide receivers Dita turner and dylan. Stoner who did get cut. Whether they're brought back in some capacity. Very lisa i would think both would be on the practice squad. And who knows maybe one could end up. On the on the regular season roster fifty three man roster

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