Women Pushed for Gender Equality With Their 1976 Olympic Outfits


The nineteen seventy six summer olympics or the games of the twenty first summer olympiad held in montreal canada so many highlights april so little time. Six thousand eighty four athletes from ninety two countries came to compete in one hundred ninety eight events. Women's basketball rowing and team handball are introduced for the first time the fourteen year. Old gymnast nadia comenici of romania became the first ever gymnast to score a perfect ten after her uneven bars performance and any fashion history-making moment for the first time ever in the history of these summer olympic opening ceremony. The us women athletes are wearing dumped. It on and this is the part where regular nurse nurse. Say here we go again. Because women athletes had of course already been wearing bifurcated garments as part of their competition uniforms. They had actually even been wearing pants or bifurcated. Garments at the opening ceremonies of the winter games since the nineteen fifties as protection from the cold of course but in the history of the summer olympics. The prayed uniform was always in line with the fashionable silhouette and also the side dress codes of any given period and up until this point these kind of more quote unquote formal occasion. Something like an opening ceremony would have called for skirts and not pants. But during the fashion revolution of the nineteen sixties women fought really hard to break down gender barriers and this included these social codes. That barred them from wearing pants. Outside of leisure or sports settings it was a hard one battle and one thousand nine hundred. Ninety six olympics really reflected this seismic shift in the broader social. Moore's that had begun to accept women in pants for most occasions.

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