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Number one is. Id and teaching strategies. There were a number of articles a large number of articles about instructional design in general and teaching strategies generally over the past two weeks. We're which we always mentioned. We're thrilled to see. We love to see that kind of thing so we saw strategies for designing effective training request forms. That's usually in business. Situations Flipped classrooms discussed multiple articles about flipped classrooms Lesson planning with universal design for learning formative assessment for remote teaching the roles of an instructional coach. All of these things were discussed are recommended. Read in this area is planning for fair group. Work by amir suli and susan m brookhart for asc. Once again i apologize. If i mispronouncing any of our authors names. This was a really good read Describing group work and how to organize a group work setting that everybody finds fair and equitable And i think pretty much all of us who are involved in designing any kind of instruction have had some moment where we've had to organize group work and gets get some kind of pushback from people saying you know. Why are we doing this so this is a really good article. I think in terms of just laying out the the wise and the winds in the house for group work number two our number two Trend is slightly different than normal. Normally we would say that one of our big trends over the past. Few years has been digital security and citizenship. This time around it was all digital security. We had a number a number of articles about just security issues. In general for example microsoft announced security enhancements for dynamics three sixty five viva and teams.

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