A highlight from World Mental Health Day: The Bottoming Podcast

Mentally Yours


So fast up guys the name. Why a yes so initially came out of adroitness six. Paul tv series. Which should never did anything with it. We just kind of gave like traumatic experiences in brought humor them And when i was thinking of that name which is of the same name bottoming. I just wanted something that was really tongue-in-cheek and of referred to the community in some way and also reference the mental health aspect. So i just thought of rock bottom and then we obviously have bought me in the gay community which is receiving the penis full. Whatever you i think. We've been friends for quite a few years at this. Point is well whenever we've talked about anything that's been even remotely difficult or sectors always been in elements of i'm huma or taken the pace out survey so it was just yeah we just rama their funds opponents and that really comes across in podcast itself as a midnight cet of laid back five feels like a friendly chattanooga humor in them What made you want to set up in the first place while initially so may matthew of nature the for a few years. And we've been to this kind of for a lot of different things and the mental health conversation just actually came up due to experiences that we had We got to a point where. I think i was out of work. At that point we will. Matthew was going through therapy. I was on the waiting list. Therapy on had just had like a really Mental break basically looking for ways of connecting to other people based on these experiences. Because at the time there wasn't really anything specific clay mental health specific Bt people despite that being high cases of mental health issues within the community just decided to set up. Initially the first few episodes were kind of based on Topics and it was kind of like a investigation for us wasn't at night to look into say education as a as a as a kind of it was free therapy in a way. It was like topics that we had negative experiences with. I'm on. I think maybe knock knowledged for years and years of appoint so. I'm yet the season it was five six episodes but it was all just very heavy. I think at that point for us because it was very past when we were kind of digging quite the See that's kind of what it started. How do you look off to yourselves when you're dealing with those kind of heavy topics oversee. We're a mental health podcasts. As well so we've kind of routines and techniques but we'd like to hear your so we can steal them. I mean we. In the first season we start the cost off every season every episode. Saying you know. We're not by any means professionals experts which is kind of talking shape hopefully to make ourselves on. Hopefully people listening that can connect to a feel better. We took what we said. We're going to take a short break in season. One and that was i'm Twenty nineteen so we kind of imagined To just kind of recuperating back to him. I thought you hebraic of over eighteen months when we didn't actually come on sale december twenty twenty. I'm on. I think in in that time away from work on the podcast that we both gone through different johnny's in different processes. Whether that was kind of like counseling medication. I'm relationship changes. All all sorts of different things on just came at season to season to with a much much more open approach. I think kind of acknowledging obviously what we did in season one it was. It was to mentally draining on ourselves. you kind of have to make sure that you're in a good place to be able to do this. Source of welcome show.

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