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I was straw. I struggled mental alpha quite a few years really that resulted in a bit of a breakdown. Not hat last year and something that played a huge part in my recovery. From that i just happened to stumble across on instagram ironically. Enough on will mental health day last year. A video of someone talking about something that they've been through and up until that point are kept every in very much to myself. I wasn't very open about my what was happening to me what was going through. I felt very alone. I felt very isolated. Am i've i was genuinely worried that if i told people around me how i was feeling the my wife would leave me. That people would think are wasn't a safe to be a dad. My kids would get taken away the ugliest my business all this stuff and then i saw this video of this guy tolkien and it was lot crikey. Like people acknowledged this stuff. You know people talk about it openly and and after it it was an old video that he'd re- shades an awful. Wow that's an old video. His really nice life now. you know. How's this how's this happened. Is possible and i felt really sane and i fell for the first time are like not so alone and kind of bank though. I didn't do anything with it. At the time but i bank that failing and then a bit further on the line when i i started to come out the oversize and i think it's really common failing with people in the mental health space of being through something. I wanted to do something you know. I wanted to to help or just do something. I wasn't sure what to do. Wasn't sure thought could be like one of those people who does loads wacky stuff and raises loads of monay or hunting wasn't quite sure But the more. I talked openly and honestly about my mental health and took sort of ownership of my story. The mortar made me feel better and i feel maybe i can help provide that space for other people you know and started and it just kind of grew grew from there really. Can you tell us a little bit about your story as you mentioned then condensed version. He has show well. I was aware that i was struggling with my mental health in two thousand sixteen after the birth of my son that my of heads exploded for one of a better expression and at the time i thought it might be like postnatal thing or something like that. I'm yeah now is really poorly. And i was very depressed and lots of stress and tears and all that sort of stuff. I'm yeah managed to kind of move passed out managed to kinda get through it. It in it was twenty seventeen by. That's all my daughter. Had been born as well. And i was pretending zora and i wasn't really i was kind of muddling through and yeah had a bit of a blip then my wife had to step in and say listen. This is not right. You need to get some help. And i promise and get some help and numb. Yeah i start counseling. Then start therapy. I started being a bit more focused on taking care of my mind. But i wasn't being very truthful so i was saying i was doing therapy and wasn't really talking about everything experience in telling people that was open about mental health but we still keeping so much hidden on a managed to maintain that for another another couple of years and eventually like anything You know this all the analogies. Isn't it the you know the break in the dia will the leak in the pipe or whatever you wanna you wanna say but yet it just got really really really sick and everything. Just kind of Yeah collapsed anouilh. Stop to make plans to take my own life. And i had a date set for that and i put a lot of things in motion for that that the perfect opportunity my family lives in wales and i decided that i was going to go and see my mom and dad for weekend so i would leave the house here and say goodbye to kim in the kids and then drive down to wiles and see my mom and dad and when i said goodbye to them to drive back to have this little window of opportunity or i'd said goodbye to all the most important people in my life and that was that was what it was supposed to happen. I'm jordan weekend. My auntie are very very close with. Who's an occupational health nurse. And she works in a factory with like five hundred men and she signed post a lot of men who struggled with mental health and she just saw something in me and we had a bit of a child and she kind of. It wasn't a like an intervention as such. But she kind of just kinda got inside my head enough that i fought you know. I'm just gonna put a pin in this for now and maybe there's a couple of things haven't tried an oath to my family to have said that i've tried everything before i go and luckily after that i am yeah i started onto medication. That's the one thing i have done and i don't advocate before four guides medications. It's a very individual choice but for me it put away is back on the car and it kind of enabled me to To stop piece in my piece in my life back together again really you own sounds like a here on. Say she's a yeah incredible incredible woman. Yeah and she just saw soil something. We talked about mental health before she a like a couple of years. Previous heat sort of seen. Something wasn't right with of his not my my whole life especially not you know. She's only about i eight years older than me. So we've always been close. You know man. She just saw she just saw something. And just you know started a conversation the lead to a few things coming out and she yes she told me. I'm told me a few of the things that i could dry. Yeah is is wonderful really. It's amazing sometimes how you think no one can tell like.

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