Democratic disagreements imperil Biden agenda as shutdown looms


I'm anthony davis. Joe biden's agenda of reform was at risk of being derailed by divisions among his own democrats as moderates voiced anger on wednesday the idea of delaying a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill ahead of a critical vote to avert a government shutdown. The white house said talks over twin bills that would revitalize the nation's roads and airports and fund social programs and climate change measures. Were too precarious. Point a senator. Joe manchin disagreed with the rest of the party over the scope of some four trillion dollars in spending congress which democrats control by a razor. Thin margin is due to vote on a bipartisan resolution to fund federal operations through early december. The house of representatives is expected to vote today on a one trillion dollar infrastructure. Bill already passed by the senate will though. Some party leaders warned that vote could be delayed again. Which would dismay moderates with house progressives warning they will vote against the infrastructure bill until a deal is reached on the separate multi trillion dollar plan focused on social spending and climate. The vote was not guaranteed house speaker. Nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck. Schumer went to the white house yesterday afternoon. To meet joe biden a former senator himself who cancelled a trip to chicago to lead with congress. A white house staffer met at the capitol with conservative democratic senator. Kirsten cinema who had expressed deep concern over

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