Author Lee Smith Sets Record Straight on Multiple Collusion Hoaxes


You know as you were talking there I was going through You were mentioning all of the hoaxes in this collusion thing that fake nonsense that have now fallen apart It wasn't just one Yes folks the core tenant of it was Hillary's big lie that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians But there were sub pieces to it And Lee I'm just gonna ask you where any of these true or false Was a pee pee tape ever discovered Yeah no no no No okay Okay Okay so that is going through a check Let's see Yeah because you know And the audience okay so the pee pee tape was made up As far as we know has ever any evidence ever been produced that Trump's lawyer at the time Michael Cohen met with anyone in Prague to get emails Have you seen any evidence that actually happened No okay So there we go Lee we're off for two buddy This is one of the few times where a batting average of zero is a good thing Okay here's number three We just addressed this so I can answer for you The DNC hack could it have happened Maybe is there any evidence No because nobody's produced it So we got that one Here's another one The alpha bank Russian bank the alphabet connection to Trump Tower Is there any evidence whatsoever anywhere that's ever been produced that that was a secret communication channel between Trump and Russia any No and in fact the DOJ debunked this three different times That's the joke It's like in October 2016 which The New York Times reported then Mueller and now the Durham indictments are different branches of the DOJ if the bunk is three times So the fact that people are still out there pushing the alphabet stories again it just tells you how far how nutty our elite have gone right They're still pushing this

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