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Strawberry Letter


Just like we're going to read this one right here. Right now buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is the strawberry letter. Thank you nephew subject. Stay away from that needle. Fear stephen shirley. I've been trying to figure out the best way to address an issue because i love my wife dearly. My wife turned sixty in may and to celebrate. I took her to a wii. And i gave her five thousand dollars prepaid credit card to use. Anyway she wanted to. We were in hawaii. There was a photo shoot at our hotel all weekend and young any models were all over the place. My wife started to feel self conscious in her bathing suit. So i made sure i uplifted her whenever i could i think it had a negative effect on her and it made her want to look younger. I must admit that we both gained weight during the pandemic and she refused to work out with me so this was a wakeup call for her. I think she realized that she was not pleased with the short gray afro. She's had since the pandemic and she put her wig on for the rest of the trip. I prefer the afro over the whigs. But it's her decision and i love her regardless. I definitely think seeing all the beautiful girls in hawaii messed with her head because she started trying to fix her face right after that. She used her birthday. Credit card to get botox injections in her forehead and around. Her is ben. She got fillers in her cheeks and chin and followed that up with lip injections and permanent eyebrows. She is used all of that money to look like a clown. I barely recognize her most days. She came home yesterday with magic marker lines on her neck and she told me she's getting a neck lift. She also wants a nose job and abreast lift. I have tried to assure her that. She's a beautiful woman without all of that all she needs to do is lose ten pounds and stay away from that needle. I want to tell her she. She's ugly now. But i don't wanna hurt her feelings. How can i do this. Whoa well first of all the title of this letter. Stay away from the needle. But it's much more than needles involved. If she's getting a neck lift a nose job and abreast live to okay. We're talking about scalpels of going under and cutting all kinds of stuff. Okay so you know. Your wife is just really going through right now with her looks. I mean i'm not against of course things that make you look and feel better about yourself. I think the problem with your wife is that she's just not happy. She's just not happy with how she looks. She's not helping happy with herself. Period and cosmetic surgery should make you look completely unrecognisable or like a clown. that's not. Its job it's supposed to tweak or enhance what you're already working with and still make you look natural You're saying she looks like a clown that's not as good because she plans on getting more work done. I'm just asking. could it be the doctor perhaps. Did she do enough research. Is she research and talked to enough doctors and look at their work. I mean because not all plastic surgeons do great work. what or who Does she see when she looked in the mirror. Is she pleased with herself. I mean you say she looks like a clown but does she like what she sees. That's a problem you know. That's the problem. She could be addicted to plastic surgery by now or Started to get this thing called. Body this morpheus when just when you look in the mirror you you don't see anything right. You want to just redo your whole self. You gotta have a serious talk with her about this. I mean you say you love your wife dearly. She's got a no that and feel that but more than that. She's got to love herself. And that's what's going on here because she's not listening when you're saying you know just don't do it and she's not doing this for you. It's for her self esteem for her confidence. So the best you can do right now. Supporter and help her find the best doctors. Make sure they're not butchers and let her know you know that you love her and hopefully that'll help a little bit. She means to love herself. I right mommy. Go ahead. Tom i actually. I actually have a buddy that that that is an incredible doctor. That does this. What i will say is what i've seen. This is an addiction that once you start getting something done you keep wanting to enhance this enhanced this enhanced that you keep thinking that you need to get better and better and better and and that's not the case. Your wife has an addiction. This is not going to stop unless you really have a good heart heart conversation with her. I you know you you already at nick. Breast knows bra. So i promise you. This is going to continue. It's going to be hurricanes. It's going to be hooked buys and you know good and doll gone wail we own. I waited it but you know we all. We've finished shape that bang. It's been to get like i'm you. She's on her way to that you. I don't know. I don't know if you can stop it. I hope that you can. But i'll be honest with you. I have seen it. Firsthand will firsthand. what people are continuously. Go in one week. Get this done. come back. Two weeks later injections again. It just keeps going. They just don't stop to they. Look up I don't know a year to later and you are just a completely different pricing. And even jesus not gonna know you when you get there. You know you're going to have to. You gotta talk to your girl man. That's that's just being real from. Tommy that knows adopted. That does this. And i've seen that are addicted to going in. I'm sorry go ahead and tell me some people actually do have to go to the psychiatrist or psychologist for this. They they really do but anyway go ahead jay. Go ahead well you know. I normally don't help people. Because i'm not his ass bitter man you shouldn't you shouldn't your wife to let her know. Sometimes people say your day is coming in. Her day is coming. Will she a really feel good about herself with the look that she has and i'm talking about the date of october. The thirty first which is crazy. We'll have part strawberry letter coming up from that needle. Get back into it right. You're listening to morning. Show all right guys. let's recap today. Strawberry letter was written by a man called. Stay away from matt needles written by men whose wife turn sixty in may. He took her to away as her birthday. President gave her five thousand dollars in a prepaid credit card. While they were at the hotel they had a photo shoot and all these young skinny models came out and he said he thinks his wife started feeling some kind of way about herself when she looked at herself and then compared herself to these young then models and so when you know when they got home. She started getting worked on herself. She started getting bo tuck. She started getting lip injections fillers cheeked and enter chen and now she wants to get a necklace and a breath lift and a nose job and it's just going on and on and on. Her husband says she looked like a clown now and She's unrecognizable really. And he wants to tell her that she's ugly but he doesn't want to hurt her feelings so he wants to know. How can he do this. So

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