This Stock Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving



Got more tech related earnings. We're going to start with the chip maker. Invidia second quarter. Revenue came in higher than expected and management's guidance for third quarter revenue was also higher than analysts were expecting and shares of invidia up six percent. This on the surface looks pretty good. What does it look like underneath the surface. It's the gift that keeps on giving. I mean like the jelly of the month club. I mean total revenue up sixty eight percent here revenue for the the outlook. Like you were talking about chris. Six point eight billion you know for the third quarter of fiscal twenty twenty two that is definitely higher than analysts expected. I have been calling this a data center company. That does gaming. I'm going to say i was wrong about this. Only in the sense of this quarter because boy this quarter in video gaming business was absolutely and fogo on fire up. Eighty five percent to three point. Six billion up eleven percent from the previous quarter. This i mean it is still very much a cloud story here chris because for those who do not know invidia has arguably the top rated cloud gaming business in the world in g force now and that is now supporting over more than one thousand games on old computers in videos really killing it here now. The data center business. Chris was up thirty five percent. It's still a phenomenal business. And i think when you think about invidia it just does more stuff than you think it does like. It doesn't just make chips it makes these graphs cards that go into your gaming console. They also make servers that go into data centers. They are making a cloud gaming service that people like and are actually using. They're making software for doing ai. Tooling

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