All Things Point to a GOP Landslide in 2022


Of this points to one thing landslide in two thousand twenty two. If not we're done do you get it. You gotta stay home. You can sit home georgia because you're worried about the integrity the election. Sorry don't get mad at me. Don't sit on that. you've you're going to sit home. You gotta go vote. We've got to get this country back and people are fighting and legislatures are fighting to ensure election integrity. Of course we're worried about mail-in ballots in california. Look in the studio. I'm here in dallas. Fort worth by buddy. Tom gave me. Larry elder for governor sign. And i got it in my background. Look at mike online dot com right now and go to the watch mike on tv. You'll see larry's big smiling face. This is no time for sitting on the fence. There's no time for weak needs. We gotta fight. Look what they're doing to this country. And this party is represented by andrew cuomo and joe biden and bernie sanders and nancy pelosi and all the rest of them and sadly and look at what's happening around the world. This bite administration is a disaster across the board domestically foreign. Go ask people in afghanistan. how biden's presidencies out for him. It's unreal

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