College Football Commentator Kirk Herbstreit Discusses His Scary Introduction to Fatherhood


About how old were you then. Save me back to the beginning here. About how old were you when you first became a dad and had to becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life. Well i dated a girl through high school and college. Same girl for eight years and then she went off to chicago to start her career she had done for years. I- red-shirted and so. I had a fifth year my senior year and during my senior year i met my future wife alison That year and then we got married. When i was i was about twenty eight years old Roughly and my first kids were born in two thousand. So i was twenty nine thirty years old. Roughly right around there when they were when they were born. Incidentally they were born I talked about this in the book but but my wife was twenty weeks pregnant than we would end for our normal routine. We knew we were expecting twins and we were going in for our normal scan and when we went in they said oh my gosh you know you're funneling we've got a problem you've got we got mitch you to the hospital. So she went straight up from that. Visit straight up the hospital to up up to the twelfth floor. And she stayed there On bedrest and held on for like to see if she could she could make it Did not get out of that bed for. She held on for eight weeks. And so the Twins were born at twenty eight weeks. There are two pounds each when they were born and then they were in the nick. You for about another eight weeks until they're able to come home. And so that was my introduction to to fatherhood and You know now. They're twenty one and and doing well. But tell you when you're a first time dad and that's your introduction That was that was scary. You know they're in the nick you and you know i didn't realize that your brain when it's develops tells your heart to beat and so their brains weren't developed enough so they're the ekg wiring all on couple times with flat. Line on your thinking. They've died and you freak out until nerves to come over they'd come over and just kind of shake their leg and then the next thing they'd start breathing again but it was a traumatic experience to go

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